Of Ponds and Puddles || Amy and Eleven


He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. Oh, it felt good to be hugging her again, her presence warm and solid and so very real. He beamed at her mention of a great life, but the expression went plastic a moment later when she asked what took him so long. Amy Pond, the girl who waited. It seemed like he’d made her wait yet again, and the thought stung him even though he knew how very unavoidable it had probably been. And Rory, gone? What in the universe was happening?

"Here again…" he said slowly, glancing around. "I’m sorry. Time travel, you know." As though that explained everything. He waved a hand. "Timey wimey. Spacey-wacey. Where were you, the last time you saw me? In fact, where were we?"

Amy did not want to let go of the doctor feeling like if she did he would be gone and the illusion would banish but when she did he was still here so it made her breath easier to know that he wasnt going to go anywhere. “Last time I saw you I was transported back in time by an angel”

She let out a small breath finally having regulated her breathing and held him close again “yeah i know the whole time traveling…I was there for a big part it, remember?” She joked lightly “as for where we are all I know is that it is the 21st century back in my old time”


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Of Ponds and Puddles || Amy and Eleven


The familiar tone made him whirl immediately. That tone, that call, that — yes, that familiar head of ginger hair… and she recognized him, oh she most certainly recognized him. “Amelia Pond!” he exclaimed, a massive grin breaking out over his face. She wasn’t moving towards him, so he hurried towards her instead - and it was perhaps a sign of how terribly enthusiastic he was to see her, that he broke into a run.

Two steps later, he promptly tripped over a tree root and went flailing to the ground. 

He was back on his feet in less than a second, brushing the grass off his coat and shooting a severe look at the offending root. The root didn’t glare back, so he simply straightened his bow-tie with a small harrumph and put on his best unconcerned look as he strode over towards Amy at a more sedate pace. 

"And where is Rory the Roman?" he inquired, glancing about. 

Her eyes didn’t leave him even as he turned around and she confirmed -yes it was him. She had finally found him. The Doctor called out her named and when he fell down after trying to run to her Amy couldn’t help but chuckle a bit and finally made her body move towards him while he was fixing himself up.  Once he was within distance he asked about Rory -which for a moment she completely ignored and hugged him. This wasn’t an illusion or a trick he was here.

"That’s what I want to know…." She said letting and hitting his shoulder lightly "One day I am having a great life and then I turn up here again and you are nowhere to be seen you or Rory" Amy took a breath in still trying to catch her breath from running to him yet again. "What took you so long to come and get me?"

Of Ponds and Puddles || Amy and Eleven


Visiting was bound to happen, some time. He loved the Ponds, after all, completely and absolutely. True, he didn’t travel with them all the time, hadn’t done it for a long, long time, but he was always comforted by the knowledge that they were just there if he wanted them. Living their lives, being brilliant, being happy, and yet always available for a visit. For the first time in a millennia he’d had a home again, people to go back to. Didn’t matter that they weren’t Time Lords. Didn’t matter that they didn’t resonate in his head the way his people had. They were the Ponds. His Ponds. And his hearts, so shattered after the Time War and Rose and Martha and Donna, had slowly begun to mend.

All of that was in jeopardy now, however, since he’d somehow manage to skip entire universes and end up in what, to him at least, was an alternate universe. If he were honest with himself, he would have said that he was a little nervous - no, a lot nervous. He knew, at least, that they must have travelled with him, or else there wouldn’t have been River Song. She’d hinted they were still alive and well. But he needed to see with his own eyes.

The TARDIS materialised on the lawn with its usual wheezing. He’d taken a guess at where Amy might be, and hoped this time, he’d gotten it right. The TARDIS was running dangerously low on power again.

Hurrying down the ramp of the console room, he pulled open the doors and poked his head out, noting Earth and 21st century and nice suburban neighborhood. Right. Time to get cracking.

Find the doctor. Find Rory. Find River. Find The Doctor. Find Rory. Find River. Was all that was going on inside Amy’s head as she continued to walk around the time that was once a home to her and Rory and now she was here alone but with a mission to find her family again. There was no way she was here without them. There wasn’t going to be anything to made her believe other wise. One way or the other she was going to find them again and first get some answers and then….and then what?….she really didn’t know what she was going to do after with them, or with whoever she saw first.

Amy’s mind had been so set on walking around finding any hint about her family that she had almost…just barely missed it. That familiar whooshing sound from the TARDIS. She stopped on her tracks and began running towards the sound not caring if after a while her lungs were demanding air, if the doctor was here she was not about to miss him. 

Not long passed before the box came into her view and she slowed down a bit trying to take it all in. She had found him. The Doctor was really there. Amy could see a figure standing a little away from the doors of the TARDIS, she looked it over and there he was. Her raggedy doctor. Her one and only raggedy doctor. She took a moment to catch her breath before she found her voice again “DOCTOR!!” Amy called out loud enough to make sure she was heard and stood there. Right now unable to move hoping this wasn’t a trick of her mind.

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It had been days, weeks, a while since she had began looking for the doctor and River and Rory and still no sign of any of them but no matter where Amy looked she couldn’t find them and this was making her upset at everything. Soon she found herself wandering around a random part of town that she hadn’t been at before so the moment she noticed it Amy began walking carefully and alert to everything in her surroundings.

That was when she began to hear noises around her. It sounded like a dog. Amy froze and tried to find the source of it to see if she could find whatever was making the sound so she could back away and leave it alone without causing problems to herself. Then she heard growling. Then steps. Then something just screamed inside of her head to run.

For some reason she was still frozen until a trash can tipped down and was followed by a loud growl. Amy had no idea what had cause the trash can to tip over but she wasn’t going to be staying long enough to find out either. That was when her brain got the message and made her turn around and run as fast as she could even if she could hear the growls and  running paws behind her. She turned over her shoulder to see if it was following her but she saw nothing just her the paws hitting the ground. What did I just get myself into?

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What The Hell || Amy & Gabriel


"Oh it’s nothing really, I think I may have just left it at work…My phone," He says as an explanation, looking to Amy with a small smile, golden eyes taking her in for a long moment as his grace reaches out and tries to get a good read of her.

He tugs out a watch, lollipop, snickers bar and a few receipts but no phone which he pouts at and tries to look a bit like a lost puppy.

"Oh" Amy said not really knowing how to respond to that "well since you noticed it was missing maybe you could back for it….how far away is your work?" She asked again not really knowing why but she wanted to help this unknown man as she watched him take out item after item not finding what he needed.

"Once we are there I could help you look for it" Amy said with a small shrug of her shoulders "Of course that is if you want me to help" She said looking at his eyes for a moment and putting her hands in her pockets for a moment not really understand why she was in a way drawn to want to talk to this stranger.

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